The new edition of the JOW-biographic-historical workshop on women’s emancipation has in the background the 100th anniversary of the vote right for women. In some countries of Central Europe – in Poland, Germany, Austria and Lithuania – the 2018 year gives a special opportunity to consider the short period of the political participance of women and what does it mean for us today. The workshop is addressed to educators, NGO-activists, gender studies academic teachers and in generally to participants from West, East and Central Europe and from the other countries. You will broaden your knowledge about the most recent history of the women’s emancipation and you will have the opportunity to reflect the interconnections between the women’s history and both your biography and biographies of the other participants.


Next dates and places:

Kraków (Pl), 16th of March

Vesprem (Hu), 22nd till 23rd of March

Berlin (G), 2nd of June

Kraków (Pl), 18th till 24th of June


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Former editions of the JOW – workshop:

German speaking version of the workshop will take place on the 3rd till 11th of September 2017.