Jump Over the Walls / Przeskoczyłam mury / Ueber die Mauer Springen

The concept of the “Jump Over the Walls” biographic-historical workshop was developed in eFKa after many years of work with the Oral History / Herstory  and later with the biographical method in adult education.

The first JOW workshops took place in 2008. Firstly, the JOW  workshop had the recent history of Europe with the split in East and West and overcoming this split in the background.  Later it has in its background the 100th anniversary of the legalization of women’s political participation, which were celebrated in 2018 in several Central European countries – Poland, Germany, Austria and Lithuania – and 2019 – Belgium, Hungary, Luxembourg, Georgia.

The JOW workshops focus on the interrelationships between biographical memories and cultural knowledge about the past. Critical reflection on these relationships brings with it both the growing of historical knowledge and the identification of open questions. The workshop allows the participants to experience that this kind of reflection and exchange has empowering and transforming effect.


Next dates and places:

Kraków (Pl, in Polish), 16th of March 2018 at eFKa

Vesprem (Hu, in English), 22nd till 23rd of March 2018 at Venoke

Frankfurt/O, (G, in German), 30th Nov till 2nd Dec at Viadrina University


Berlin (G, in German), 22th till 24th February 2019 at VHS Zehlendorf

Kraków (Pl, in English), 16th of March at eFKa

Zurich (Ch, in English), 12th of May at WILFP

Berlin (G, in German), 27th of June at VHS Steglitz


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Gender, Citizenship and Migration

The project ‚Gender, Citizenship and Migration – A Journey in Transition’ is a cross-sectoral strategic partnership focusing on the issue of citizenship, migration and memory, providing a critical insight into the distinctive experiences of women migrants in a European context.

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Global Feminisms

The Global Feminisms Project (GFP) originated in 2002 to create an archive of oral histories from women scholars and activists from four countries: China, India, Poland, and the USA. Its initator and coordinator is prof. Abigail Steward, supported by Kristin McGuire and Jayati Lal.

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